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New Model Release: MotoEV Electro Bubble Buddy 5 Passenger EMS Responder Electric Shuttle

EMS Responder Electric Shuttle That Can Save Lives And Tackle The Climate Emergency


Summary: The new EMS Responder which can help cut down on carbon emissions is much cheaper to run that a standard EMS responder. It takes 8 hours on a regular 120v outlet to charge and costs 2 cents per mile to run. EMS Responder Electric Shuttles help tackle the climate emergency and reduce the cost of running emergency vehicles. Moto Electric Vehicles has introduced the Electro Bubble Buddy 5 Passenger EMS Responder Electric Shuttle which can be used to patrol stadiums, state parks, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and Universities.

The new electric responder vehicle which can be used by police, security, EMS, and Fire, can be custom made to the requirements of the end user. It can accommodate four paramedics and a patient on a stretcher and also includes emergency lighting and the needed safety equipment.

As well as being cheaper to run and more friendly to the environment, there are also many other benefits to owning and using the Electro Bubble Buddy 5 Passenger EMS Responder Electric Shuttle. Thanks to the dimension of the vehicle, first responders can drive into smaller applications where larger ambulance vehicles cannot reach. This is a major benefit and can save vital time when trying to save a patient’s life.

The new rear-wheel-drive EMS Responder which comes equipped with a 5Kw (6.7 Hp) upgraded motor and cost 2 cents per mile to run and can travel fifty miles on one charge. It can be used indoors as well as outside due to its size and the absence of toxic emissions. Due to the design of the vehicle and being lightweight compared to standard EMS vehicles, it can be driven on grass and other unpaved surfaces.
When asked how important it is for universities, sports grounds, and state parks to own such a vehicle, Brett Jackrel (Sales Manger) for Moto Electric Vehicles replied: “When there is an emergency, speed is the utmost importance. Seconds can result in someone being saved or resulting in a fatality. Our vehicles can reach target zones quicker within smaller applications when comparing it to a regular size ambulance.”

For more information on the Electro Bubble Buddy 5 Passenger EMS Responder Electric Shuttle, please visit https://motoelectricvehicles.com/low-speed-vehicles/motoev-electro-bubble-buddy-5-passenger-ems-ems-paramedic-responder

View the Product View on the EBB-5PEMS: https://motoelectricvehicles.com/low-speed-vehicles/motoev-electro-bubble-buddy-5-passenger-ems-ems-paramedic-responder#VideoSection

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