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Customer Review: Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC of Jacksonville, Florida

Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC of Jacksonville, Florida proudly utilizes Moto Electric, EV4 and EV6 passenger carts for their rental business.

Eric and Catherine Sherline are excited to introduce their new family operated business, Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC to the Jacksonville, Florida beaches community and surrounding areas. With the increase in popularity of electric golf cart use in the coastal communities of Atlantic, Neptune, Jacksonville, and Ponte Vedra Beach, a void has been filled. Now, Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC offers street legal electric golf cart rentals for visitors, local residents and business needs. Each Southern Breeze golf cart has been designed in a unique, tropical print to promote the ultimate beach experience for the rental guest. These individually, designed carts are perfect for a day of exploring the beach community, local shopping, an evening out, family fun, special events such as birthdays, weddings, corporate meetings, and much more. Not only are these Moto Electric golf carts casual and fun to ride around in, they also provide an environmentally green mode of transportation. For more information about Southern Breeze Cart Rental LLC, please refer to the site SouthernBreezeCartRental.com or call 904-200-1304