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Advantages of Street Legal Electric Shuttles

Street legal electric shuttles are a more environmentally-friendly alternative to gas powered vehicles, as they don't produce harmful emissions that contribute to pollution and global warming. Incorporating electric buses into a business or community fleet allows its members the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint while also protecting passengers and citizens from health risks related to air pollutants. In this way, fleets have the chance not only to help improve our planet today but to shape a cleaner future for generations to come.

Electric people movers are a practical and green way for businesses, campuses, industrial sites and resorts to reduce their transportation-related carbon footprint. In addition to providing more efficient rides than gas powered counterparts, passengers often remark that street legal electric vehicles provide a quieter and more engaging trip. By investing in street legal electric buses today, your community's wellbeing is secured from the potential health risks of operating traditional shuttle services.

Ideal for Venues, Campuses, Airports & Town Centers

The immediate benefit of street legal electric transportation is that it lowers the long-term costs for public venues, airports, cities, town centers, and a broad range of industrial complexes and campuses. In terms of fuel and maintenance, electric vehicles can save organizations time and money. Despite the upfront costs involved, street legal electric shuttles are a definitely a more environmentally-friendly alternative, as they don't emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Electric people movers not only protect the world around us but can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

When compared using miles-per-gallon emissions-equivalency, studies indicate that battery-powered electric buses are a better choice than a shuttle powered by fossil fuels. Another way of saying this is that a diesel bus can have nearly 8 times the global warming emissions as an electric shuttle bus. According to Environment America Research & Policy Center, street legal electric shuttles produce significantly lower greenhouse emissions than diesel, diesel hybrid and natural gas-powered people movers and improves air quality by eliminating the formation of ground-level ozone.

Eliminate 2 Million Tons of Greenhouse Emissions

It is estimated that replacing all of the country's diesel-powered transit buses with street legal electric shuttles could eliminate more than 2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. Moreover, street legal electric shuttles deliver societal and financial benefits by substantially reducing maintenance and fuel costs as well as lowering a healthcare expenses as a result of living in a cleaner environment. As a community’s fleet of street legal electric shuttles grows larger, the greater the potential economies of scale to ensure electrical capacity.

With communities need for more sustainable transportation solutions, street legal electric shuttles are a greener alternative to traditional public transportation, offering zero-tailpipe emissions and other climate benefits. Natural gas-powered shuttles are also a more eco-friendly option; however their overall greenhouse gas emission depends on how many methane leaks occur during its life cycle, which makes street legal electric shuttle buses a better of a choice for the long-term. Plus, zero-emission people movers can help curb global warming.

ADA Wheelchair Accessible Electric Shuttles

To reduce their environmental impact and provide a more pleasant public space, many low-speed settings have adopted policies that embrace the use of ADA electric shuttles. Guests overwhelmingly prefer them over other transportation options (such as large buses or shuttle vans) due to increased comfort levels during transport. Whether it be event transportation on private grounds or public parking-lot circulating vehicles, handicap accessible street legal electric shuttles provide a convenient and acceptable option to traditional gasoline or diesel-powered means of transportation.

Electric shuttles are safe, reliable and have similar rates of downtime to alternative forms of transportation. They provide a quiet, smooth rides that allows passengers an opportunity to relax, enjoy the trip and easily carry on conversations. Recently, the University of Georgia announced its plans to take full advantage of off-peak charging opportunities as the school claims to have more street legal shuttle buses in its fleet of electric people movers than any other campus in the nation. Passengers who associate public shuttles with crowded spaces, bumpy rides and a noisy environment are often surprised by the more pleasant experience of riding on a street legal electric shuttle.


At Moto Electric Vehicles, our ADA-equipped, street-legal electric shuttles not only reduce noise and air pollution, but also offer a convenient "easy on and easy off" experience that leads to higher passenger satisfaction ratings. At MotoEV, we take pride in delivering to our customers exactly what they ask for, in a timely manner, and at an affordable price. Call 855-339-8333 to speak directly with our representative or use this website's convenient GET A QUOTE form for a prompt response.