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Lifted Off Road Golf Carts

Have you been searching online for lifted golf carts with all terrain tires designed to be used both on and off road? Then explore our inventory of MotoEV raised electric vehicles and jacked up golf carts designed to navigate off road terrains as well as designated pathways and community streets. The growing number of low-speed environments with lower posted speed limits have proven that today's electric cart has applications well beyond those of hauling around a golfer's clubs. However, if you have ever tried to cut through the rough or woods driving a conventional golf cart, you know the smooth tires and low clearance that work well for maneuvering cart paths do not work when venturing off road.

If you need an electric utility vehicle to use as a lifted golf cart for deliveries, service calls, or moving people around a large property, we can customize an eco-friendly golf cart to tackle the toughest job. Unlike their predecessor, today's raised golf carts go faster, have additional seating capacities, and come equipped with required safety features. Whether you are headed to your favorite hunting spot or tackling a tough job on the farm, hard work and recreation over natural terrain are what our raised golf carts do best. If you employed by a government agency or branch of the military, many of the vehicles in our lineup of lifted golf carts, off road golf carts, jacked up golf carts, and raised golf carts can be supplied on GSA contract.

Electric golf carts are not just for daily play at your local golf course anymore. Due to recent equipment advancements, custom-built lifted golf carts have become more popular than ever before. Moreover, one of the biggest benefits you will gain by purchasing a raised golf cart from MotoEV is the higher center of gravity that increases your vehicle’s clearance making it easy to navigate rougher terrains. Jacked up golf carts are tons of fun and nothing turns heads faster than a lifted golf cart with oversized all-terrain tires and decked out with your favorite accessories. Our lifted golf carts will meet your needs whether your plans include cruising the beach, hunting with your buddies, or working on the farm.

At Moto Electric Vehicles, our staff is always ready to assist you in determining the best lifted golf cart or raised utility vehicle from our incredible selection of personal and commercial electric carts. Our rugged raised golf carts are built from the ground up to withstand the wear-and-tear of any terrain. Off road golf carts can be a convenient and economical means of transportation for construction workers, project managers, and resort staff as well as visitors to historic neighborhoods, beach communities, mountain resorts, and town center communities across the United States. Affordable and efficient, you can add a heavy-duty bed for truck-like performance or opt for a rear-facing seat to increase the vehicles capacity as an environmentally friendly people mover.

Entire communities and town centers have sprung up around the idea of the electric golf cart as the preferred mode of transportation. Expand your area of operations and eliminate harmful carbon emissions at the same time. No matter the terrain, MotoEV jacked up golf carts are ready to go whenever you are. Whether your needs are aesthetic or functional, our goal is to be your dealership of choice for lifted golf carts and raised electric utility vehicles by providing you with a professional level of service each and every time. Our raised golf carts can withstand the punishment of natural terrain and can travel nearly anywhere. In addition, your vehicle can be blinged out, jacked up, and accessorized to suit your tastes. To learn more about any MotoEV lifted golf cart, call us Toll Free at 855-339-8333.

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