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Neighborhood Uber: 8 Passenger Street Legal Golf Carts

Have you been searching online for a convenient way to move people around a low-speed environment? 

MotoEV 8-passenger street legal golf carts are a perfect replacement for the neighborhood Uber; and with the ill effects of climate change like widespread flooding, stronger hurricanes, and more frequent forest fires, the world expects us to utilize electric-powered vehicles that can help protect everyone’s future. After all, one of the quickest ways to decarbonize the transportation sector in a sustainable way is take full advantage of multi-passenger electric utility vehicles for transporting people in areas with slower posted speed limits.

In today’s busy world, low-speed vehicles that can carry multiple passengers are an ideal choice for use in airports, churches, campuses, resorts, amusement parks, real estate developments, military bases, hospitals, recreational facilities, and manufacturing plants as well as designated electric golf cart communities. Driving on electricity instead of gasoline can save thousands of dollars; and  where electric vehicles are driven as a daily means of transportation, those areas have lower levels of hazardous emissions. In addition, a built-in onboard charger will keep your ride ready to go without danger of overcharging.

MotoEV Electric 8-Passenger Street Golf Carts

When evaluating whether a multi-passenger street legal electric golf cart is a good option to replace your current gas-guzzling people mover, it is important that the vehicle meets the majority of your daily driving needs. Here at Moto Electric Vehicles, our team can help you design an 8 passenger street legal golf carts for any commercial or residential application, with custom options like:

  • Roof Cargo Carrier
  • Dash Organizer Console
  • Front Storage Basket
  • Lithium Golf Cart Batteries
  • Overhead Storage Console
  • Custom Paint & Interior
  • Headlight Strobe Lights
  • Customizable Signage
  • Rugged Tire Package
  • Enhanced Aluminum Rims
  • Soft Vinyl Enclosure
  • Front/Rear Rugged Bumper
  • Security Light LED Light Bar
  • Back Up Camera System
  • LED Light Accent Kits
  • Locking Glove Boxes
  • Reverse Seat Locking Box
  • Electric Solar Roof Kit
  • Rear Locking Box
  • Removeable Surf Racks
  • Dual USB Charging Ports

Whether you intend to use the electric cart as courtesy shuttle during day and as a family wagon at night for cruising around the neighborhood, our electric people movers are perfect for use at speeds of 25 mph or less. Plus, our street legal chassis offers comfort and durability with your pick of custom automotive style features. MotoEV’s 8 passenger street legal golf carts come stock with a beefy 5.5-horsepower motor or you can select from several motor upgrade options.

Reducing Our Nation’s Dependence on Oil...

Over the last century, people have become increasingly dependent upon conventional modes of travel to meet life’s most basic transportation needs. But, our reliance on fossil fuels to power internal combustion engines comes at a significant cost. Even if you are a climate change denier, it is difficult to deny the fact that harmful pollutants are released into the air that we breath every day. Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) like 8 passenger street legal golf carts have the potential to reduce many of today’s problems by replacing gasolinr-powered Uber rides. Moreover, passengers often praise the experience as being less noisy and much more fun.

Since it is likely that the worse consequences of climate change are still to come, low-speed electric vehicles have the potential to lessen the pollution associated with neighborhood or campus-like vehicular traffic. The good news is that families, businesses, and organizations can choose numerous vehicle styles to choose from that can save them money and also help to reduce our nation’s dependence on oil and gasoline. Recent studies by a group of concerned scientists suggests that no matter where you live in America, the regular use of electric-powered transportation can help lower global-warming emissions more than the average gasoline-powered vehicle sold today.

Whether driving around a campus or all over town, discover for yourself the advantages that MotoEV lithium replacement batteries have to offer for powering 8 passenger street legal golf carts. Call Brett Jackrel, Sales Manager of Moto Electric Vehicles, to discuss the details for upgrading one or a fleet of multi-passenger street legal golf carts.