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Electric Shuttles

Electric shuttles, electric trams and multi-passenger shuttle trailers provide cost-effective options for moving guests, visitors, VIP's and staff around your low-speed environment, resort, convention center, airport or campus. For decades, administrators and managers have sought a better solution for transportation that could still carry a significant number of passengers when needed. As an environmentally friendly alternative, MotoEV electric trams are quieter, cleaner and passengers enjoy being transported without having to endure the odor or noise of gasoline-powered vehicles. If your needs include protection from the weather or other environmental elements, our fully-enclosed electric shuttles with hard doors are perfect for longer tours or continuous runs to and from parking areas.

Nothing beats slowing down once your guests have arrived and surveys have shown that people who have ridden on electric shuttles consider the open, low-speed mode of travel to be more fun. In fact In addition, the use of electric trams can have positive benefits for improving public safety by reducing the number of accidents on your facility's roadways. As an affordable option for busy days at zoos, amusement parks, university campuses, theme parks or military bases, we can build an electric trams with a detachable shuttle trailers. Simply attach or detach our fifteen passenger shuttle trailer to quickly respond to the changing demands for your facility.

In recent years, the growing demand for safe, efficient and comfortable transportation has led to unique innovations in the versatility and function of today's electric trams and multi-passenger shuttle trailers. So, put MotoEV's experience and expertise to work solving your transportation challenges. There is no problem too large or too small, we can deliver one or a fleet of energy-saving electric shuttles with custom exterior designs to complement your identity branding with moving signage. In addition, MotoEV has one of the largest inventories parts and accessories for electric shuttles in the industry.

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