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Accessories / Lithium Battery and Quick Charger-48v 105AH

If Your Looking for Even More Range, try the 160AH for $1,500.00 More!

If you have Hills, you will need the 105AH High performance, this will add $1,500.00 More!

Moto Electric Vehicles is now offering the NEW RoyPOW 105ah Lithium Battery Pack. With this technology being so new, it does have it advantages compared to the normal Lead Acid Batteries that have been around for years! Please review the information below and let us know if you have any questions!


  • 10-15 Year Battery Life vs Normal 5 Year Life of Trojan Lead Acid Batteries
  • 5 Hour Charge Time vs Normal 6-8 Hour Charger Time with Pro Charger Systems Charger
  • Lithium Batteries do better when opportunity charging. You can plug in at any time!
  • Battery Shut Off: You can Manually Shut Off the Lithium Battery if it Won’t Be Used
  • 4 Year Warranty on RoyPow Lithium Battery vs 18 Month Warranty on Trojan Battery
  • Reduces Weight Inside the Cart, Resulting in less overall Maintenance and less wear on the Vehicle
    • Lithium Battery = 95lbs / QTY 8 Trojan T-105 Batteries = 496 lbs
  • Highly Recommended for customers that have multiple houses and wont be using their new golf cart year round!


If you are interested in talking to a representative about this Lithium Battery Pack Upgrade, Contact Us today! We would love to educate you on this newer technology so you make the right choice!

Price: $3,495.00

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