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View vehicle locations from any web enabled computer or smartphone.  View your vehicle's exact location 24/7.  See where your vehicle has been, with historical routing, on a map, or in a trips report.

Comprehensive all-inclusive unlimited tracking, position updates every 60 seconds when moving, every turn, and every hour when the ignition is off.  Know where you vehicle is with certainty. Instantly view vehicle history and know where it has been with pinpoint accuracy.

Set up unlimited zones, and zone alerts.  Get instant notifications when the device is unplugged, your car battery is low, the device detects hard braking, hard acceleration, hard cornering and accidents.  Set even more events like ignition on and off, mileage alerts, posted speeds and speeding alerts!  View your vehicle(s) in Google map, satellite and terrain view.  Run trips, landmark history, alert history, activity detail, and speeding summary reports.


Price Displayed includes Hardware and Install. This accessories requires a Monthly Subscripton of $14.95 through a third party application. Please ask your Moto Electric Vehicles Sales Represntitive todat about this accessory! 

Price: $795.00

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